Mojo Monkeys – “Beating Dead Horses”

i gotta get somethin off my chest
a little thing i must confess
been beatin my head against a wall
beatin dead horses, my downfall

beatin dead horses with my friends
beatin um cause they failed to win
beatin um for their fathers' sins
beatin um till they rise again
beatin um cause they misbehaved
beatim um for my soul to save
maybe it's just my penance for my unfortunate choices
my sentence:
beatin dead horses

beatin dead horses with a stick
layin it on em, nice and thick
takin those blows and makin em count
sittin astride a lifeless mount 
beatin dead horses i don't know
what the hell we doing this for ?
maybe it's just the price i pay for poor poor choices
beatin dead horses

beatin my plowshares into swords
beatin um like the drums war 
tryin to get my money back
beatin um with a battle axe
beatin em back from beyond the grave
the rod and lash is all i crave 
maybe it's just my penance for my unfortunate choices
maybe it's what i get for hearing fear driven voices
beatin dead horses

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