The Howls – “Weight”

Lie. Lie and wait. 
These weeks rotten meat sticks in your teeth. 
There’s a grave on our left and shame on your right 
Was it hard not to toss and turn all night? 

Wide, wide awake 
on six months of sweat between the sheets 
A pistol of aggression and a mouthful of regrets 
I guess I’ll see how they compete. 

But, there’s a place for hearts like yours. 
Caged beneath your worn out skin, 
untouchable and un-givable. 
You can beat and pump that thick black smoke throughout your sullen veins, 
But you couldn’t give that away 
you couldn’t give that away. 

I’ve held too tight to float away, you’re too heavy not to sink. 
Her fingernails in my back, my ribs 
(I can’t shake this heart awake) 
Now I’m breathing in the Jameson 
and I’ll drink her until i’m drunken 
down and away 

Lie, wide awake.
Six months of sweat between these sheets. 

A pistol of aggression and a mouthful of regrets, 

I guess I’ll see how they compete.

The chair dropped out and the rope went taut, now this is fucking with my head. 
And he’s talking in my dreams now about all the things that you two did. 
But I’ll give this heart a purpose 
I will sleep until I surface far and away.


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